Teach Our Children “Grace”

There’s a very important quality to people that appears – sadly – to be diminishing, as our lives become ever more complex to navigate. That quality is “grace”. Grace is not (or not just – depending on your perspective) a gift from some higher spirit; it arises from the very simple perception that we live within our environment – not somehow separate from it. It arises from the perception that every one of our choices flows out into that environment, just as the choices of other “free” entities flow towards us. It reminds us that we need to consider the wider consequence of every choice we make, and it helps us to understand that our own choices are not the only force affecting our environment. Grace “connects” us to the universe, and the more it is present in us, the stronger that connection (and vice versa).

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Ahead Of COP26

It seems that ahead of the climate conference COP26, many people are giving advice to world political leaders on how they should act to address climate change. For some, the anger at “too much talk” has led them to block motorways. But – it seems – there’s a lot of dispute about the best way to invest. There are a lot of options and nearly all of them hurt some sector of society or the economy. We’ve lived for decades without thought of consequence, and we’ve built up many “habits” that are bad for the long term stability of this planet’s living ecosystem. And to those who still think we could “weather the storm” and learn to live with a warmer planet, consider how different climate conditions could affect other parts of the ecosystem: diseases or insect plagues could wipe out crops, rivers could become polluted by poisonous algae. There are a billion ways in which human life could be affected.

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